God has blessed us and protected us over the years from having not one incident of injury or claim against any of our cities. We can only pray this continues, but we also want to be best prepared for anything that could happen. In order to make sure each of our cities will succeed and are properly protected and insured, we have developed this contract for each of our city leaders to agree to, throughly read and check box below.

1.  I hold to an orthodox Christian faith and concur with the Love Our Cities’ beliefs: 

    We believe

       -In God who exists in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

       -In the person and work of Jesus Christ - Son of God, Savior and Risen King.

       -In the present ministry of the Holy Spirit - by whose indwelling one is enabled to live in the way

        of Jesus.

       -In the Kingdom of God - pursuing this reality now “here on earth as it is in heaven”

       -In the Holy Scriptures - our authority for life and faith

       -In the Great Commandment and Great Commission - our mission for our community and


2.  I will commit to correspond exceptionally and will actively participate in our Monthly City Leaders Meetings. We meet the first Wednesday in the month, 8-9am PST (via Zoom). 

3.  I will commit to  oversee all of my city’s project information that is inputted and will regularly communicate with my project leaders.


4.  I agree that all website development is property of Love Our Cities and is licensed to the client on a yearly basis as part of the minimum annual donation paid to Love Our Cities.  Love Our Cities retains all rights to website framework, development, and code as well as final authority to suspend activity on any licensed websites that Love Our Cities deems to be inappropriate or harmful to Love Our Cities, its partners and affiliates.  Annual contract and donations are due on October 31st for the following year.  Late payment and contract submittal will result in a temporary suspension of your website and a $250  fee will be assessed to reactive your website.

       -I will commit to keeping my city website updated.

       -I will make a minimum annual donation to Love Our Cities for the following amount:

              $750 (City population less than 50,000)

              $1,000 (City population between 50,000 and 100,000)

              $1,500 (City population between 100,001 and 250,000)

              $2,500  (City population over 250,000)

5.  I agree that the registered trademark Love Our Cities, and the Love trademark and heart logo (“Love trademark”), is the property of Love Our Cities and is part of the license in this agreement. I agree to comply with all quality standards that may be set from time-to-time by Love Our Cities and I understand that if I do not meet those standards my ability to use the registered trademark and the Love trademark will be terminated.

6.  I will commit to have a sponsoring organization in place who will take on legal responsibility for my day’s activities (the sponsoring organization could be a church, ministerial association, business, or non-profit organization).

       -Each city will have their own waiver form that each volunteer will need to checkbox when they 

        sign up for a project.

       -We have developed a waiver form you can use or you can develop your own. It is your 

        responsibility to finalize this form on your sign up page.

       -Many of your projects may also have their own hard copy waiver form they will have their 

        volunteers sign.

       -Your sponsoring organization might want to separate the risk from their current policy and 

        purchase a one day “Special Event Policy” with the following minimum liability amounts

        (make sure to confirm these amounts with your insurance agent, Love Our Cities takes no 

        responsibility for a city being under-insured):

              Liability Each Occurrence $1,000,000

              Liability General Aggregate $2,000,000

              Products-Completed Operations Aggregate $1,000,000

              Personal and Advertising Injury $1,000,000

              Damage to Premises Rented (Fire Legal Liability) $100,000+

       -Name “Love Our Cities, Inc.” as "additional insured" on sponsoring organization insurance policy under the Certificate Holder section.

7.  I agree to load video (B roll, raw footage, etc) and high quality images to Love Our Cities' Dropbox folder (https://www.dropbox.com/request/yklGcqA2wQGcHmFPelPj) within 4 weeks of my event and give Love Our Cities permission to use uploaded media.


                                          $750     (City population less than 50,000)

                                          $1,000  (City population between 50,000 and 100,000)

                                          $1,500  (City population between 100,001 and 250,000)

                                          $2,500 (City population over 250,000)



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